Never take call notes again.

Tetra dials into your calls and automatically takes notes for you, so you can focus on the conversation now and remember everything later.

Get an hour of notes for free!

Schedule a call

Simply invite to an upcoming call on your calendar and we'll dial you just before it starts. Or, create a call whenever in our web app.

We dial you

Accept and merge Tetra's call as soon as your meeting starts. We'll start transcribing right away.

Explore your notes

Read, listen to, and search your notes in our web app once Tetra is done transcribing. Share with your team and export to your favorite productivity tool.



Type any phrase or concept you remember talking about, and we'll jump you right back into the conversation.


Keep your team in sync by sending a link to your notes to team members who didn't participate in the call.


Export your notes to Evernote, Dropbox Paper, Slack, Email, and Google Docs, or email us and we'll add your favorite tool.


Unlike other transcription services, we'll get you your notes by the end of the day or the call's on us.


Trained human editors correct any errors in our automatic speech recognition software.


Our editing team is distributed around the world and no editor ever hears more than 15 seconds of your call.



3 hours of transcription

$100 / month

Full transcripts


10 hours of transcription

$300 / month

Full transcripts + summarized notes


Email us at to talk about custom solutions for your business.

Where can I view my transcript?

You can use the Tetra web app to view your transcript if you want to use our built-in search tools and synced word timestamps to the audio file. You can also export your notes to dozens of popular document tools.

How long will it take to get my transcript?

We'll finishing QAing the automatic transcript within 6 hours of the end of the meeting, although we aim to get it to you as fast as possible! If it takes us longer than 6 hours, you won't have to pay.

I don't want the full transcript, just notes/action items/key points.

Try our powerful search bar and see if you can find what you're looking for! Check back soon for support for more features.

Is Tetra compatible with Skype?

Not yet (check back soon!)

How can you keep my calls confidential if humans listen to them?

Can I delete my data from your servers?

Always, just delete your meetings in our web app and we'll permanently delete your data from our servers and remove all traces throughout our system.

Isn't it illegal to record a phone call?

In many states you have to let all parties know they are being recorded, but don't worry -- we go over how to do this effectively as part of your sign up process. Plus, people are extra willing to let you use Tetra if they get a copy of the notes 😉